Getting Busy, Getting Lost, and Getting Married

I just realized I have been ignoring my blog for a few months (ok, half a year).

Well allow me to catch you up. I have a new job, got married, and still have been trying to be crafty. Needless to say the crafty part took a bit of a hit. I did however make a number of crafty things for my wedding. So let’s work on that before sharing my next few projects.

The months leading up to the wedding went from being fun to being stressful in record time. I blinked and suddenly I had three weeks to go. We had decided we wanted our wedding to have special elements that really represented us.

The most important fact being that we are runners. We love to run. We love to race. And we met a bus to a race. So of course we had to do something about that. Enter the race bib table numbers. I remade copies of all of our race bibs from all the races we have done together and reworked them into table numbers.

We were amazed when we walked into the venue and the tables were covered with 1,000 paper cranes for good luck. We didn’t craft those, but our family certainly proved they could be crafty too.

We made all our escort cards and even had a mailbox where people could send us “postcards” with well wishes and advice for the future. Not to mention the modification of two very stylish salt and pepper shakers as our cake topper.


Where do we go from here? Well we definitely have some new projects on the horizon. I am working on some crafty ideas for the holidays. I have been experimenting with making lotions and may even try my hand at knitting at last! I have picked up some new colors of spray paint, and an old sewing table, so I have a feeling some more redos might be in progress soon.

Until next time!