Baby Closet Organization!

Organization is my middle name. Not really. My mom had way more sense than that.

However organization is something I love to have and work on. There is something peaceful about having a nicely organized closet. So as I searched pinterest for baby closet organization ideas and certainly had a bunch of inspiration.

6fa737f3b741135b8f61fab502850bdf, baby’s room is little. I mean LITTLE little. As the smallest bedroom in the house it is 10’x9′. So the closet is a tiny thing too. Perfect for a baby.

I knew I needed to get clever with the storage so I went out and purchased a sweater holder, some striped bins, and a closet rod doubler. I managed to find some cheap woven baskets from Lucky Clover Trading since our local dollar store only had scary colors of plastic ones. Set it all up and with the help of my handy label gun, I had lots of storage options in the closet. Including a floor bin for “too small” items on their way out.

This is the result:


As for the closet dividers, I clearly needed something with my theme on it. I doctored up some clipart in photoshop to create 6 different designs. Read the whole post here.


Closet complete!


Mod Podge For Dummies (like me)

02916-1016-3ww-lA few months ago I heard about this neat product that has been on the market for ages. I’m sure you’ve passed it on a shelf or two at the craft store. For some reason I never picked it up or gave it a go. Until I decided I wanted wood dividers for the baby’s closet. I tried printing a few of those paper ones on Pinterest…..and yeah, that was not going to cut it.

So off to the craft store to grab some wooden door hangers (thinking I am going to paint them) and I stumble upon this Mod Podge stuff. Glue and sealer huh? Alright, let’s give it a go. I also find a cool plaque that I imagine I will find something to do with.

Using my handy dandy Adobe Illustrator program and some clip art from our chosen theme I create 6 dividers for Newborn, 3 Months, 6 Months, 9 Months, 12 Months, and 18 Months. I also find a poster that would be perfect for the door to the room with some slight modification. I print out all the artwork and begin tracing my door hangers onto the art for the perfect fit.


A little cutting and I am ready to attempt this glue thing. I coat the hangers in MP, and then lay the paper on top of it. Once I get them all down I go back over the top with more MP.


It was looking kinda lumpy so I used another piece of paper wrapped over a piece of cardboard to smooth down the edges. Once it dried I applied another layer as sealer and let that dry up. The result was pretty impressive (if I do say so myself). I cut a small slit at the top of the hanger portion to put on the rod and it was ready to go. I used the same steps on the door sign and got a similar result too.



Hang them up and viola! Instantly themed items for the baby’s room!

IMG_1780 IMG_1836

Clever Curtains

Have you ever spent hours in a JoAnn Fabrics searching for the perfect print for your project? I have.

Have you ever triumphantly lifted that holy grail of fabrics over your head, marched to the cutting counter, requested three yards, and feel your heart sink as the lovely lady says, “Sorry there is only a little over two”? I have.

Have you ever bought it anyway, desperately hoping to make it work out? I have.

photo 1That is how these special curtains started. It was stupidly hard to find a fabric that would match our obscure theme (which I will reveal soon, I promise). I pulled out several bolts and brought them to my husband for inspection. Finally we found one that would do the trick. It is a cream fabric with blue accents. Cream and brown are pretty much my base for this neutral room and I liked the pattern. Only to be told that there wasn’t enough and none of the other stores in the area had it. URGH! Well of course I bought it anyway,hoping that I could figure out some way to make it work. I also bought 3 yards of unbleached muslin to back it with since cotton by itself is generally too thin to block out much light on a sunny window.

I took the fabric home and laid it out in the baby’s room. I measured the window twice. I measured the fabric. TWICE. There was no way it was long enough to create a rod pocket. Especially after pinning for edges (I made the edge as small as possible).

I grabbed a shower ring out of the bathroom. Nope. Not long enough to have rings at the top either. I started folding the fabric thinking I would put a border of muslin at the top and bottom, but to be honest, it just looked stupid. I thought maybe a ribbon border would look better, but it didn’t either. Then I wondered if I could just use ribbon as the curtain loops. I had seen ribbons used to “fancy up” rings before so why not? Sew it on instead of tying it and it should be strong enough to hold them up. Since I was out of other ideas, I just went with it, assuming it would work.

So, I sewed. Hoping that it would all work out. Otherwise I would have goofy curtains. As much as it is a baby’s room I still want them to look 1 (2)

The final stitches in place, it looked pretty darn good. I took measurements of how much ribbon I would need and laid it out on a ruler. Marking off even distances I laid out the loops and pinned them. I laid the second curtain on top of the first to be sure they were in the exact same place. For some reason one curtain was half an inch wider (hey, nobody is perfect).

I went back to the sewing machine and used a double X stitch to make sure those ribbons wouldn’t move a bit once they were sewn on. photo 4It was my first experiment with fancy stitches on my machine (which has 60). They turned out really secure and didn’t look messy.

The miracle, was that they turned out looking just dandy. I ironed them up and proudly carried them up to the room, hoping desperately that they would:

  1.  Fit the window from top to bottom
  2.  Slide with ease on the rod
  3.  Block out a decent amount of light that the baby can have nap time in peace.

The answers were: YES, YES, and (checked the next morning) YES!

photo 2 (2)photo 3 (2)

Me Do Redo!


With a million other blogs out there why on earth would I start another one?

Because I love to remake old things and broken things into something useful. Friends keep asking me how I do the projects I do and what my tricks are. Why not share it for everyone? I will post all my redo projects and hopefully inspire some people to do some of their own. There is potential in so many places, if only you know where to look.

These are my DIY chronicles. ENJOY!