2015, Sew what?

2015 is a brand new year. Unavoidably it suddenly showed up at the door demanding a “new you” or some sort of resolutions. Generally my resolutions run along the lines of: lose weight, read X number of books, run X number of races, and finish X number of chapters in my book I have been writing for years (its a fiction novel, nothing to do with craftiness). These have been pretty standard for the past 6 or 7 years. I generally meet about half of my goals. I finish the year proud of my accomplishments and convinced that next year I will see the magic number on the scale and finally finish that book.

Well, this year my goals came up a little different. I hesitated on my list because I couldn’t put “lose weight” at the top. No, I didn’t reach that goal last year, but I managed to create a little miracle instead. (So be prepared. I am engrossed in a HUGE project with tons of DIY in order to get this tiny bundle’s room ready for the big arrival in June.) So instead I thought of things that make me happy and how I can work them more into my life. My 2015 goals are short and more about things I WANT to do instead of what I SHOULD do:

#1: Sew more.
cs6000i__27641.1409192231.350.350Yes. It is a really vague goal but since anything is more than none I have a good shot. I use to love creating pillow cases and simple projects sewn by hand. My mother would insist I use her sewing machine and I refused to touch it. Too many switches and holes to thread the thread through. It wasn’t for me.

Last year my lovely mother-in-law gave me a brand new Brother sewing machine. I was really really excited. I would finally have my own machine that I could learn to use and get some great new things created! Goodness knows I have boxes of fabric hanging around from working at JoAnn’s for a few years. Well sadly, that sewing machine sat in a box in the basement for a whole year. Every time I said I was going to set it up I got distracted by something else. New Year’s weekend came and I finally broke open the box and set it up. Not only is it stupidly simple to use, but it has tons of stitch styles that are just awesome. I have already sewn an awesome set of curtains for the little one’s room. (Blog post coming soon).

#2 Read 20 books
Less than last year’s 30 goal (which I met) but I might be a little busier this year.

#3 Clean out old papers
This is the only resolution that I have as a should instead of a want. I have several boxes of old papers that I have been meaning to file. It is simply time for them to go!

What resolutions or goals have you set for yourself this year? And have you made any progress on them so far?