First spring project – Repainting light fixtures

Winter. The time when we regroup, rest, and reevaluate. Our lives, our choices, and our projects.

This winter was especially transitional. I managed to murder my vehicle after it got me home in a blizzard (4.5 hour drive from hell). I got talked into a beautiful new lease car. I then got a new job that is absolutely wonderful. And as our first winter in our new home we were full of excitement for all the things we wanted to do. We even started a running list on the fridge of things we needed to tackle.

Top on my list was something that drove me crazy everyday. In the front and back of our new house we have these light fixtures. Little lamps that were rusted and weather worn. I’m probably the only person that noticed but whew they are ugly. I had been dying for months to refinish them.

I mean just look at them:



Not a pretty sight. But with some help from my beloved we took down all the glass portions and removed the pieces. Unfortunately the fixtures were wired in and since neither of us is an electrician we had to leave them on the wall. Our solution? Unscrewing them just enough to slide cardboard under it.


Then the spraying commenced! We used another piece of cardboard off to the side to catch any overspray. After all I don’t think gold spray would have enhanced the siding. We sprayed all the fixtures and the covers before replacing the glass.



Once they dried enough to handle everything got tightened back into place. These fixtures which once looked ready for a junkyard now looked brand new. With a little help from this little can:


Not to shabby for spring project #1. Six fantastic lights! Well, I also planted some flowers today…..