A New Bar!

Making a home bar out of a random kitchen cabinet from the thrift store.

Hampton Bay 36x34.5x24 in. Base Cabinet with Ball-Bearing Drawer Glides in Medium Oak

So I found this old cabinet that looks a little like this. (Not actual cabinet because the project is already finished) Except there was no doors on it, they were broken and separate. The whole thing was dirty and just left at the thrift store. Picked it up for $10 and brought it home. I figured my first shot at a DIY project should be something I really needed. A place to store the party supplies so I can celebrate future DIY successes!

I repaired the doors on the top and put knobs on them but for some reason the bottom doors didn’t fit on. They were too small. Strange that they would sell me doors that didn’t fit but then again maybe that’s why it was at Amvet’s. So I grabbed some old fabric I had sitting around and a tension rod from the local store and stitched a quick curtain for the front of the cabinet. If you don’t have doors then go with a curtain. I cleaned out the cabinet and laid down some shelf paper inside the bottom of the cabinet and the top shelf. In case things were to spill I wanted easy clean up. I suspended the curtain rod and found an old wine rack in my parents basement that I could borrow indefinitely. Viola! Instant bar. Stocked and ready to go. Not a very exciting DIY but a DIY all the same!

Finished Product:

20130809-180359.jpg 20130809-180442.jpg

How much?
Cabinet: $10
Tension Rod: $2.99
Shelf paper: $1.00
Fabric: Free
Wine Rack: Free

Total Project Cost:
1 hour of labor