The “I refuse to copy someone on Pinterest” Nursery Reveal!

Pinterest. The source of ideas for mothers, party planners, dreamers, and people with tons of free time. Also the source of the slap in the face when you realize that every creative idea you have ever had, has already been done (and in most cases done BETTER). Pinterest can inspire greatness or leave you feeling hopeless.

Enter nursery planning. Since no one knew I was pregnant for three months I had a secret board to pin all my baby ideas (we are due in June by the way). I found tons of AMAZING nurseries that I would LOVE to have. I mean seriously, search for baby nursery and your mind will be blown. I will admit the nerd in me was wayyyy too overexcited for the Mario themed nurseries.  Totally cool.


But alas, my hubby vetoed the idea. “It has been done. A LOT.” I admit, I was annoyed. BUT he was right (for once). The mighty Pinterest abounded with tons of mario and yoshi rooms that have been done a million different ways. Clearly he considered us way too creative and unique for that. Ha. So on the search went for a cool gender neutral nursery theme that hadn’t been done, or at the very least, not OVERDONE. We wanted our first little one’s room to be as unique as us. But, I was pretty sure we were going to end up with nice colors and no theme. Then one day we happen to be watching one of my favorite movies and let’s say inspiration flew up and hit me in the face in the form of the perfect quote.

“I have just met you, and I love you.”

The perfect quote for almost every baby ever born!
Ladies and gentlemen we decided to model our nursery after one of my favorite movies: UP!


Now, pinterest had some ideas on how to host an UP! birthday party, but no one has done the nursery thing. At least not that I could find (if you find one, don’t tell me, just let me have my moment of perceived brilliance). The only downside of no one having done this idea before, was that I had nothing to go off of. I was starting from scratch trying to think of cool ways to incorporate the movie into my design but keep it functional. I rewatched the movie from the beginning, taking notes as I went. I googled fun things from the movie and found (much to my disappointment) that the only official UP! merchandise that Disney sells is Dug and Kevin plushies. Heck, even Monsters Inc. has cooler stuff. Am I alone in thinking this is one of the cutest movies ever? Apparently.

[Side note, my mother in law was able to find a talking Dug plushie, and two up prints from somewhere. I was shocked!)

How to create an UP! room in 10 (kinda) easy steps:

  1. First up, paint the room blue. Invite your father over to install new electrical with a dimmer switch ceiling light. Watch him freak out thinking a blue room means you are having a boy. (Gender remains a great mystery to us by choice.)
  2. Organize the closet in neutral tones. Realize that you are obsessed with organization and organization projects. Read my post about this here.
  3. Find suitable fabric to make curtains out of. Make and hang said curtains. Make a post about these cool curtains. Enjoy that this project is helping you reach a new year’s goal to sew more.
    photo 2 (2)
  4. Have a MODPODGE party! And by party, I mean create several cool things for the room using various wood items, paper, and Mod Podge while singing along to the radio. Created clothing separators and a door sign. Read the post here.
    IMG_1780 IMG_1771
  5. Create awesome cloud nightlights. Partially stolen from a mario themed room. Basically just hot gluing fiberfill on to LED stick up lights and affix to the wall.
  6. Recognize that your mural painting skills are not that awesome. Order an amazing custom quote from danadecals on etsy and a large wall decal to replace the failed mural from
    IMG_1823 IMG_1814
  7. Create some custom wall art and print some borrowed amazing wall art. Buy some custom framing from Then frame and arrange artfully. Rediscover a squirrel that was a gift from a craft fair. “SQUIRREL!” Obtain and paint spice racks from Ikea and pass them off as bookcases. Stagger them on the wall so this future child doesn’t think that they are a ladder.
    IMG_1832 IMG_1824
    IMG_2315 IMG_1831
  8. Design and painfully create an artsy mobile that involves way too much work. Then give up and hire someone to make it for you because you failed too many times.
  9. Add some awesome finishing touches: a paradise falls jar for holding pacifiers, a custom made adventure book, some neat travel inspired accessories, extra storage, some baby shower gifts from crafty relatives, and two trademarked plushies.
    IMG_2317 IMG_2329
  10. Reveal your nursery to your blog readers, pinterest, and the WORLD! I hope you enjoy the room as much as I do. Now go have a new adventure!

The final room tour:

IMG_2461 IMG_2462 IMG_2460 IMG_2459 IMG_2458 IMG_2455 IMG_2401

Official baby guardian.
Official baby guardian.